Chestermere Resident Building Home of Innovative Material

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They may not look like much now, but once assembled and filled with concrete, you have a very strong house

Kinniburgh house made of pretty tough stuff

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These foam blocks are making their Chestermere debut in the Kinninburgh home

With houses popping up all over Chestermere, it takes something really unique to get people to stop and look at one in the process of going up. For the house being built at 328 Kinniburgh Blvd., unique is definitely the word.
Chestermere resident and Product Manager of Plasti-Fab Ltd Greg Doren, has been behind this new material being used for commercial and residential buildings for quite some time. But now, he is getting to use this product to build his new house, right next door to the home he currently resides in.
The Advantage ICF System is a patented insulating concrete forming system consisting of two layers of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation connected with web connectors molded into the EPS insulation. The top and bottom edges of Advantage ICF System blocks have pre-formed interlocking mechanisms which ensure web connectors align vertically for attachment of surface finish materials.
From first glance, this house in progress looks like a carefully constructed structure of white lego pieces, but builder and home owner, Greg Doren explains that buildings made from this product are extremely energy efficient – reducing heating bills by 50%. Doren also says that buildings end up being very sound proof, which is why they are so attractive to commercial and especially the hotel industry. “When the installed Advantage ICF System blocks are filled with concrete, an insulated, monolithic concrete wall of uniform thickness is formed. The result is superior, energy efficient wall that will provide long-term energy cost savings and add resale value to the building.”
Advantage ICFs are used in projects such as residential homes, recreational homes and cottages, multifamily projects, party walls for residential projects, industrial buildings and commercial buildings. Features & Benefits of the Advantage ICF System are fast, year round construction, superior insulation, fewer Sub Trades, one of the strongest blocks in the industry, allows internal vibrations to assure concrete consolidation.
Benefits of ICF’s would be lower utility costs, an environmentally responsible way to build, comfort, privacy, safe and secure, flexibility in design, versatile interior decoration options, convenient construction schedules, comfortable living with warm consistent temperatures throughout the house, wide window sills – just to name a few.
One question that Doren says he gets asked frequently is, “well if it’s being made out of cement, is it going to look like a prison when it’s done?” The answer is no. The exteriors of homes or commercial buildings constructed with this material will look like your everyday building. You would never know from looking at it from the street, when finished, what it was made from.
Doren says that in past, it’s been mostly larger homes in rural areas that were using this material, but he wants people to know that it can be done for all types of dwellings.
You can get more information on this by visiting Mr. Doren is always happy to talk to interested residents and to give a tour. You can contact him at (403) 837-0143 or


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