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    CUI Newly Launched Curbside Recycling Program a Huge Success

    Chestermere, AB – On May 18, 2015, Chestermere Utilies Incorporated (CUI) officially launched its new curbside recyling and composting program. Almost a month later, largely thanks to the support of Chestermere residents, CUI is pleased to announce that the program is a huge success.
    In May, prior to launch of the program, the town was averaging 18,000 kg of waste hauled to the landfill daily. On the day the program launched, Chestermere’s daily waste output was cut by almost a third, with just 6,220 kg of garbage hauled to the landfill.
    “We are incredibly pleased to see people have whole heartedly jumped onboard with the program,” said Donna McCallum, Operations Manager at CUI. “Success of the launch depended on behavioral changes from residents, but it is clear they see the environmental and economic importance of curbside recycling and composting to the city. We are so appreciative for everyone’s cooperation during the transition.”
    Over the last two weeks of May, Chestermere has averaged just 7,000 kg of waste per day, diverting around 22,000 kg or 66 per cent of its garbage from the landfill. Compounded over the long term, this reduction in waste represents huge environmental benefits.
    In addition to environmental reasons, the curbside recycling and composting program was designed to adjust to imminent landfill policy changes imposed by the City of Calgary. The City of Chestermere’s waste goes to the East Calgary Landfill, and beginning February 2016, recyclable materials will be added to the City of Calgary’s Designated Materials List. This means that there will be an increased rate for loads containing these materials. The associated costs would be charged to CUI, and ultimately, Chestermere residents.
    Following the successful launch, CUI would like to thank everyone who has contacted them directly with questions and suggestions, and continues to encourage residents to call or email with issues, concerns or constructive feedback.

    About CUI
    CUI is a municipally-owned corporation that provides safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective water, wastewater, storm water and solid waste management and recycling services to the residents of Chestermere. Established by the Town of Chestermere in 2011, CUI owns and operates the water distribution system, the storm water management system and structures, sanitary sewer services and solid waste collection and recycling services for the community. 

For additional information, contact:
    Donna McCullum
Operations Manager, CUI