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  • Defection to PCs was betrayal

    Dear Editor,

    This letter is written in an effort to convey the utter disgust at the way Mr. McAllister has shown complete contempt for those Albertans who elected him in the last election.

    The general opprobrium of him and his turncoat friends at their moral and ethical turpitude knows no bounds and the one hope is that Mr. Prentice treats him and his ilk the same way that he has treated us and consigns him to the furthest back benches and further, that the electorate turfs him out of office in the next election.

    As was noted to Mr. McAllister’s receptionist on the morning of his defection being announced; my wife and I are pensioners living on a combined income of only slightly more than $30,000 per annum. Needless to say we must scrimp and save in an attempt to make ends meet but, through this parsimony, we managed to donate $100 per annum to the WRA. Sadly, Mr. McAllister’s thanks to us was his Judas like defection to the Alberta PC’s. If we had wanted a PC to represent us we would have voted for Mr. Morton.

    Finally, contrary to Mr. McAllister’s assertion that Mr. Prentice called on him, I am sure the opposite occurred and his “Principle, not partisanship” rings as hollow as the message on his Christmas card.

    Yours faithfully,
    Phillip and Sharon Grimison
    Langdon. AB.