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    Please pick up after yourself

    Today while out walking my dog, as I do every day, there was the usual garbage left and/or thrown out the window of vehicles along the roads and pathways, Tim Hortons cups, fast food wrappings, plastic bags etc., as well as uncollected animal feces in various areas.

    Reaching the area where the ponds are located, someone had either lost or thrown a large amount of garbage from their vehicle, (among the garbage was empty prescription bottles with names on them), hmm, wonder who the garbage belongs to? It could be said of course you at least left a box that the garbage could be collected in. I tied my dog up on a tree and proceeded to pick up your garbage! It was spread along quite a ways as it had been hit by several vehicles, smashed, dragged and blown on the grass and roadway.

    There has even been times when I have seen a person allow their dog to defecate and continue on their way, or leave the feces bag on the grass or sidewalk for someone else to pick up. Last week there was a pizza box thrown out on our street with pizza still in it!

    There are several garbage cans along the walking paths in town, failing this you could keep your garbage in your vehicle and dispose of it at home. We live in a beautiful community and it really pains me to think that there is so little regard by some people for the area that they live in. It only takes a moment to pick up after yourself, your dog or your children and makes our community a much more pleasant place to live in.

    Thank you for your time.
    Maureen Ross