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    Vehicle Emblem Thefts Hit Chestermere

    vehicle emblem thefts hit chestermere_001

    Not only were emblems stolen, but damage was also found on several vehicles on October 23rd and 24th in different communities within Chestermere

    During the nights of October 23rd and 24th, several vehicles have been reported having their emblems removed, some have significant damage done in the process.
    Chestermere residents took to social media sharing their stories and photos of the thefts. It seems the thieves were not specifically targeting certain neighbourhoods or vehicle models. Everything from pickup trucks, to VW’s to six figure porches were hit in the spree, leaving the vehicle owners angry and frustrated, and in some cases blamed as some residents not affected seem to shift the blame to the vehicle owners for not having parked in a garage.
    Some residents reported on social media that there were two youth in the Marina Drive area seen as the culprits, but nothing has been confirmed by the RCMP. Others reported that their emblems were stolen while their vehicles were parked at the Chestermere Regional Recreation Centre.
    Chestermere RCMP Acting Detachment Commander, Sgt. Mark Wielgosz provided the following statement:
    “Since Friday evening the Chestermere RCMP has received 9 complaints related to mischief to vehicles and theft of emblem decals. Though the matter remains under investigation it appears these complaints of vandalism and thefts stem from a single source. At this time there is no information to suggest these incidents were executed in a targeted manner. In response, the Chestermere RCMP will have an increased presence in an effort to prevent further vandalism to vehicles. Chestermere RCMP would like to ask the public to remain observant and report suspicious activity as soon as possible after it is witnessed. Additionally, if anyone has information concerning the identity of the person(s) responsible, to report it to the Chestermere RCMP or Crime Stoppers”.
    In an article done in 2013 on autoblog.com, they listed the top eight things that thieves love to steal from vehicles. They listed car batteries, entertainment systems, gps units, tires, airbags, catalytic converters, tailgates and emblems.
    “Stealing a whole car is a risky prospect. But thieves don’t need to make off with the whole enchilada to make a quick buck – they can make quite a bit of money scavenging parts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says thieves can strip a vehicle in less than 30 minutes. By parting a vehicle rather than stealing the whole things, they can increase their payday two to four times the vehicles’ worth”, says autoblog.com
    They report that with regards to emblem thefts, “Usually a favourite with teenagers, the little symbol on the hood of your car can be a draw for thieves as well. Replacements can cost hundreds of dollars. Without it, your car still works fine, but the missing emblem hurts resale value immensely”. For that extra protection, they recommend that you have a dealership fix the logos with a glass sealant or Araldite, which is a high strength epoxy.
    If your vehicle had its emblem stolen and you have not yet reported it, please contact the Chestermere RCMP.