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    Too much pressure

    Even after weeks of trying to digest the news that Chestermere city council wants to annex 25,000 acres of Rocky View land, I am still in disbelief. They seem to be having a hard enough time running the city at its current size. Apparently the concern is that increased development in the Conrich area will place too much pressure on Chestermere’s infrastructure. I have some issues in regards to this.
    First, I don’t believe it to be true. When residents of Conrich reach HI way 1 the vast majority will be making a right turn towards Calgary. Not left to Chestermere.
    Second, what would this country look like if all municipalities took this attitude towards non-residents using their infrastructure? Would we have check points where you would have to show your papers in order to proceed? Of course this is an extreme example but nonetheless it is not in a direction I would choose to go.
    Third, the hypocrisy of it. It was not long ago that Chestermere was no more than a collection of cabins around a lake. What would Chestermere be now if back then the leaders of Calgary had taken this no growth for you mentality? What made it okay for Chestermere to develop but not Conrich?
    Fourth, what will it cost? Is it really worth it for Chestermere tax payers to take on the costs associated with annexing and maintaining 25,000 acres of land and roads?
    In recent years Chestermere residents have had to deal with large increases to their municipal taxes, the fiasco surrounding the new waste and recycling program and most recently the water utility debacle. To the brain trust of Chestermere I would like to suggest that you quit worrying so much about what the neighbors are up to and focus more on your own affairs.

    H. Klune

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    1. Christopher Klune

      February 8, 2016 at 12:30 am

      That’s my dad <3