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    Canine Convict picked up by Chestermere Peace Officer

    Peace Officer-Dog1

    Local dog Odin was ‘arrested’ by Chestermere Peace Officer Chris Winter for a photo op while he was patrolling Marina Drive Oct. 21. Photo by Jill Hanson.

    Chestermere Municipal Peace Officer Chris Winter may have made the cutest arrest of his career Oct. 21.
    While patrolling along Marina Drive, Winter was flagged down at a Halloween party and asked if he’d pose for pictures with the host’s dog, Odin, who was dressed as a convict.
    “The dog was dressed in a black and white striped prisoner costume.
    “When I was asked to pose for the picture, I thought it would be better to have the ‘canine convict’ behind the bars in the patrol car,” he said.
    Odin’s owner, Jill Hanson said that Odin didn’t seem to mind be arrested.
    “He jumped right in,” she said.
    Hanson described her dog as being pretty smiley but being behind bars brought that out even more.
    “When he jammed his little face between the bars it was pretty emphasized,” she said.
    The photo op came about as Hanson was hosting a small Halloween party. This year, Hanson and her boyfriend decided to do a family costume theme.
    Both Odin and Hanson’s boyfriend were dressed as convicts while she was dressed as a police officer.
    “The officer was literally sitting directly in front of our house on Marina Drive and I couldn’t resist…it was too perfect an opportunity to resist for a hilarious photo,” she said.
    Her request was well received, with Winter offering to ‘arrest’ Odin for the picture.
    “He kind of laughed when he rolled down his window and offered to let me put Odin in the backseat,” she said.
    While this photo op was unique, Winter said that its pretty common to be asked for photos.
    “I would say that once a week we are asked to have photos taken or stop to talk to residents,” he said.
    He said that the requests usually come from younger children wanting to see the ‘police car’.
    Hanson appreciates the photos saying, “it’s always nice when people can have fun with their jobs.”
    She hoped that the photo op with Odin gave Winter a fun story to take home after his shift.
    For his part, Winter said the all Chestermere’s Municipal Enforcement officers enjoy these kinds of moments with residents.
    “It is a light-hearted way to interact with the community and helps build positive relations with residents, both young and old,” he said.