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  • City admin staff shows dedication

    After attending the three council meetings held since the election, I continue to be impressed with the excellence and dedication of the City’s administrative staff.

    The following two women have been front and center at every meeting. Tracy Buteau (formerly the Director of Corporate Services) has held the position of interim CAO for more than 6 months. Cathleen Peter-Swart (formerly the Assistant Director of Corporate Services) has been the Director of Corporate Services position for the same period – as well as doing her old job. They have worked extraordinarily hard, done endless research, written countless reports…….. and As of December 17, when the newly hired Interim CAO comes on board, they will return to their former positions and no longer have double the workload. I suspect their families will be delighted to have more time with them.

    At the last council meeting, the manager of Public Services, Vicky Fox, Office Coordinator of the Public Works Department was presented with the first ever Alberta Public Works Association Award.

    City administration have not only been doing their own jobs but they have been holding training sessions for the new council and bringing them up to date on virtually everything to do with the City of Chestermere. Reading the reports compiled by Administration that are posted on the agenda site, gives you a sense of the magnitude of the increased work load for them as well as for the new council members.

    These are the visible – but just a few of the people who have put in countless extra hours through this unusual time of having a new council with no previous experience on council for Chestermere. They have shown to be true professionals and should be commended.

    Jackie Hamilton