City pursuing Broadband connectivity in Chestermere

    The City of Chestermere is looking into the feasibility of bringing fiber optic broadband connectivity to the city.
    “It’s understanding how that industry works and is it possible,” said the City of Chestermere’s Economic Development Manager Jean-Marc Lacasse.
    Lacasse says that this kind of high speed internet access is common in small communities throughout the United States.
    The city has been working with the Calgary Regional Partnership on this study.
    “We split the cost on that study,” he said.
    In Chestermere’s case, Lacasse said they have broken down the study into several phases.
    Lacasse said that one of the things they are looking at is how this can improve connectivity within the municipal infrastructure.
    “We have connectivity issues between our own municipal infrastructure,” he said, “can we use fiber optic to better connect our own infrastructure, and are there some cost savings.”