First ever business survey underway

    The Chestermere Chamber of Commerce is looking for ways to better support business in the city in 2018.
    To do this they have partnered with the city to conduct the first ever business survey.
    I think the support component is where we want to become stronger, and that’s where the survey comes in,” said Chestermere Chamber of Commerce Vice-President Robin Impey.
    One of the most important things the Chamber hopes to find out directly from business owners is what are the challenges they are facing in the city.
    Since the chamber has been active in the community for several years now, Impey said it felt like the right time to start gathering more information about the business climate in the city.
    The Chamber wants to have a better more evidence based understanding of how businesses are growing and expanding.
    “We’ve got to get a better handle on what business need to succeed in Chestermere,” he said.
    “We all know there’s been lots of businesses come and go from the city over the last 10 years,” said Impey, “and that’s unfortunate, we want businesses to come here, we want them to be successful and part of the community long term.”
    They are also looking to get feedback from businesses as to how they view the Chestermere Chamber of Commerce and what they want to get from the chamber.
    “What can we offer them that would help them with their business,” said Impey.
    In Chestermere, there are about 495 total businesses. Of these, 115 are located in commercial spaces while the remainder are home based businesses.
    The survey is open to all 495 local businesses.
    To date, the survey has received 133 responses or approximately 27% of local businesses.
    “We’ve been very impressed with the amount of responses and fully completed surveys,” said Impey.
    “We are going to come out of this with some strong information,” he said.
    Impey said that this data will be a big help to the Chamber as they plan their activities for 2018 and beyond.
    The survey closes on Dec. 8. With work on the chamber’s strategic plan starting up right away.
    The results will be tabulated and shared in some fashion in the new year.
    “I would hope that by the time we get to our AGM…that we will be able to share with the members this is the next year plan,” said Impey.
    The survey is available online on the Chestermere Chamber of Commerce website at responses are being accepted until noon on Dec. 8.