Introducing the Catholic School Board Candidates Mario Deshaies

    catholic trusteeMario Deshaies

    Mario Deshaies Photo Submitted

    Mario Deshaies wants to bring fresh new ideas to the Catholic School Board which is why he is running to represent Wards 9, 10 and Chestermere.
    His goal as a trustee will be to keep kids in the Catholic school system.
    “When I was collecting my signatures to be a candidate, I heard many parents who were seriously considering sending their children to the public school,” he said, “this is a real concern to me.”
    He has also heard parent’s concerns about classroom sizes and safety around schools.
    “I think we should listen more to the parents about the size and number of students in our classroom,” he said.
    In Chestermere, Deshaies said that he has heard parents talk about their kids having trouble walking safely to and from school.
    “One of the major issues I can hear from parents here is the safety of children after and before school when they are crossing,” he said.
    While he has never before served on a school board, Deshaies taught at a Francophone College in northern Ontario before moving to Calgary.
    He is also a strong proponent of volunteering in one’s community.
    “Volunteering is an essential part of my life,” he said.
    He currently volunteers as the Communication Director for his community newsletter.
    “I received a certificate of appreciation recently for my contributions to our community from my local MP,” said Deshaies.

    Something he would like to bring to forward if elected is including a second language as part of the curriculum.
    “I believe we should teach a second language to all the children.
    “In European countries most children speak more than two languages,” he said.
    Deshaies said that his moto is “Successful people create their own luck.”
    He is running his campaign by this and working to create his own luck through direct communication with parents.