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  • Local girls show off at Cosmetology competition

    W. H. Croxford High School in Airdrie hosts inaugural competition

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    Tara Hofer works on her entry in the bridal category at the Rocky View Divisional Cosmetology Competition at W. H. Croxford High School in Airdrie Feb. 10. Photo by Jeremy Broadfield

    Eight Chestermere High School (CHS) Students, including two from Langdon and one from Dalmead competed in the first ever Rocky View Divisional Cosmetology Competition Feb. 10 in Airdrie.
    “It was intense, I didn’t think I was going to finish my style,” said Grade 11 student Tara Hofer.
    For her first competition, Hofer was hugely successful coming in first place in junior braiding.
    Five out of the eight participating CHS students placed in the competition.
    “I’m extremely proud of them.
    Really excited just to see how excited they were, to see how their styles and techniques turned out,” said CHS Cosmetology Teacher Melody McIntyre.
    McIntyre who helped organize the competition was nervous about how well the event would be but had her fears assuaged by the successful competition.
    “I think over all it went really well,” she said.
    Grade 11 student Julia Desrochers had a lot of fun competing in the bridal hairstyling category.
    “I’m very happy with what I did,” said Desrochers, “I did it better today than I have ever.”
    Jewel Brister, another Grade 11 student, is planning on competing at the skills competition in Calgary and really enjoyed her first competition experience in Airdrie.
    “I think it was really good…it really got me ready and to know what I have to work on,” said Brister.
    All three of the students are planning on going into a career in hairstyling after they finish high school.
    Their teacher was really proud of all the students that competed and with the quality of their work.
    “For every single student that competed it is was the best I’ve ever seen them do,” said McIntyre.