Long term school board volunteer looking to take next step – Shali Baziuk

    Trustee Shali

    Shali Baziuk has spent years as a school council chair and has volunteered on several focus groups for Rocky View Schools.
    With the retirement of the sitting Trustee, Bev Lapeare, Baziuk has decided to run in this year’s election to represent Chestermere at the Rocky View Schools board table.
    “I would like to take the next step by serving as Trustee,” she said.
    With the many changes within the education portfolio recently Baziuk feels she has the right set of skills to help guide Rocky View Schools to make the right choices for students.
    “There have been significant changes to education as of late; transportation, the four year plan, and provincial achievement tests, just to name a few,” she said.
    To her, the biggest issue facing Chestermere is the rapid population growth and how it impacts the existing school infrastructure.
    “Quite frankly, the process by which new schools are approved and existing schools are expanded is challenging our ability to provide adequate instructional space for our children,” said Baziuk.
    Although working to finds solutions to this issue and representing Ward 1 will always be her focus, Baziuk realizes that for a governance board to be successful all board members must be able to work together.
    “It is my intent to work for Chestermere inside of the board framework so that as a board we are a strong advocate for Rocky View,” she said.
    She is particularly interested in representing the board on the Policy and the Advocacy committee.
    “I believe my experience would be of value on that committee, and where I feel I could make the most positive impact,” said Baziuk.
    In addition to volunteering with the school district and serving as a school council chair, Baziuk has a background as a learning and development facilitator.
    “I have designed and delivered courses for adults, using tools and principles suited to various learning styles,” she said.
    Regardless of who Chestermerians choose this election, Baziuk hopes there will be high voter turnout.
    “While I would be honored to have your vote, my biggest hope that is we have the best voter turnout ever,” she said.
    To contact Baziuk e-mail her at shalibaziuk@gmail.com.