Meet your 2017 Council Candidates – Greg Amoruso

    Greg Amoruso

    Council candidate Greg Amoruso at the candidates Meet and Greet hosted by the Chestermere Public Library Sept. 21. Photo by Jeremy Broadfield

    Chestermere city council candidate Greg Amoruso believes in finding positive solutions to the challenges facing the city.
    “I never give up,” he said, “there always is a positive solution.”
    This ethic has always worked for him running his own business for the last 25 years ant it is this work ethic and attitude that Amoruso hopes to bring to city council.
    “I have no previous experience but I have made it my mission to learn the ins and outs of how our city runs,” he said, “listening to what our citizens concerns are, and get as much knowledge as I can.”
    Since he started campaigning, Amoruso said that he really enjoys talking with residents to hear their concerns and ideas for finding a solution.
    He believes that finding a balance between responsible growth that brings the amenities residents want while lowering the tax burden is one of the most important issues for the next council.
    Of almost equal importance is council’s responsibility to work to repair the relationship between it and the residents.
    He wants to repair “the trust issue that the citizens and city hall have through transparency.”
    Amoruso hopes to earn the trust of residents so that he can be part of the team guiding the city towards these goals.
    “I believe in Chestermere and its growth and I want to be part of that team that makes Chestermere a great place to live,” he said.
    If elected, Amoruso wants “to show our citizens that the past is behind us and it’s time to look at Chestermere’s future.”
    To do this, Amoruso plans to focus on budgeting, growth, attracting new businesses and improved transparency at city hall.
    Areas of growth he would like to see the city focus on recreational upgrades, seniors living facilities and “a well-deserved expansion,” of the library.
    He hopes to see more than just growth and expansion in the city. Amoruso would also like to see facilities and services used to their full potential.
    “We have a hotel here and a sports facility and no one seems to be trying to make them work together,” he said.
    In this example, Amoruso said that perhaps hockey or curling tournaments could be hosted in Chestermere to the benefit of local business.
    Off the campaign trail, Amoruso said he loves spending time with his small dog, and playing hockey.
    Both things he plans to enjoy in Chestermere for years to come, while he hopes to see the city reach its full potential.
    For more information visit his website at