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  • Much to learn from the Candidates Meeting

    I attended the Meet the Chestermere Municipal Candidates on Thursday Sept. 21st that was held at the Public Library.
    I found the event to be well attended and quite interesting. I also had the opportunity to speak and hear from many of those running for councillor and mayor positions. It was surprising to see that some councillor candidates had no idea what the significant issues were!
    Out of 5 mayoral candidates, only one had any municipal government experience, specifically Marshall Chalmers.
    I believe that most residents hope that our future city council can find means to at least stabilize our taxes and utility bills, some mayoral candidates were making promises that would undoubtedly add to city expenditures while promising lower taxes!
    In my opinion, Marshall Chalmers previous mayoral experience and proven track record are key assets to lead the soon to be new city council.
    I applaud all of those that have come forward seeking to be our elected officials and wish them all the best of luck!
    All we need now is for residents to show up at the polls and do their civic duty!
    Paul Dumouchel