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    Pedestrian safety top priority for new year

    When making a list of New Year’s resolutions, new Ward 4 councillor Al Schule vows to make things safer for pedestrians in the hamlet for 2018.
    So the top of his priority list, and one of the things he’s pushing for in the budget for next year, is for better ways to get around without the use of vehicles.
    “I’m working on safety issues,” said Schule, who was extremely busy working on the budget through the first half of December. “My big push for next year is to get a sidewalk or pathway going all the way from Boulder Creek all the way down to Langdon Crossing. 
    “That’s one of the things I have as a budget item. The rest of council will see that it’s an emergency item. I don’t want to say it’s for sure going to pass but I’m hoping it will.”
    Schule took over the job after the October election and has returned to council after a seven-year absence and he’s designated this No. 1 on the to-do list.
    In February 2017, a 13-year-old Langdon girl was hit by a vehicle on Glenmore Trail, and the driver was never found. She suffered numerous injuries, but Schule is concerned something worse could happen if something isn’t done soon.
    “Right now there is no designated pathway,” Schule said. “On the road itself (Main Street), it’s so narrow that it’s an accident waiting to happen. 
    “In my opinion, we need a safe walkway not only for the kids but for adults and seniors as well. It’s not too expensive and it’s something that can be accomplished really quick. It’s simple I believe. Of course, we’re looking at safety around the schools and drop-off zones.”
    Another goal will be to reduce the traffic flow on Glenmore, but that is easier said than done.
    “I’m trying to speed up the process of paving on 114th Street,” Schule said. “I would like to get some of the traffic off Glenmore Trail. Talking to the province, it doesn’t look like Glenmore Trail will be widened for years to come. They don’t really have it on their schedule. I’m pushing the province about it. What I’m trying to do is what we know we can do at this time.”