Staff at East Lake School taped to the wall for charity

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    An East Lake School student tapes East Lake School’s receptionist Stephanie Hirsch to the wall while School Technologist Kirk Arnett waits for more students to tape him up during the school’s adopt a family fundraiser. In total four members of staff agreed to be taped to the wall for charity with each piece of tape costing a $1 donation to the charity. Photo by Jeremy Broadfield

    Some of the staff at East Lake School got into a bit of a sticky situation for charity Dec. 1.
    For the cost of a dollar, students at the school had the opportunity to tape four of their teachers to the gym wall over the lunch break with all the funds raised going to the schools Adopt-A-Family fundraiser.
    “It really builds the school community,” said East Lake School Learning Support Teacher Angela Bain.
    This was the second year that the school has participated in the Adopt-A-Family campaign.
    When the staff and students started work on the fundraising campaign the quickly decided that taping a member of staff to the gym wall would be a good way to raise funds and get the student body excited and involved in the event.
    “It worked really well,” said Bain.
    The actual taping of the staff to the gym wall went perfectly, $1055 was raised as students gleefully stuck the teachers to the wall.
    Only one staff member was brave enough to have the supporting bench she was standing on taken away to see if she would stay stuck to the wall.
    Receptionist Stephanie Hirsch stuck briefly to the wall before the mix of duct tape and packing tape gave way dropping her to the ground.
    “It was actually a lot of fun,” said Hirsch, “the kids were super excited so it made it even more fun.”
    She said that she would volunteer to be taped up again, “in a heartbeat.”
    “I though Stephanie was amazing for allowing us to pull the bench out and trusting that the students taped her well enough,” said Bain.
    Beyond the fun that everyone had during the fundraiser, Bain said that it was great to see the students and staff come together in support of the adopted family.
    This year the school is supporting a single mom and her family of five children.
    Grade 8 Student Organizer Samantha Rintoul said that although she wasn’t able to put any tape up the event was a huge success.
    To see the video of the fundraiser go online to