Synergy is “Dropping in” to Langdon

With summer just around the corner, the youth of Langdon will be looking for something to fill their sunny days with fun and excitement. Once again, the local not-for- profit organization Synergy will be in Langdon to offer youth ten years old and up the opportunity to play games and make new friends at their free program called Langdon Drop In.

Langdon Drop In runs every weekday in Langdon Park from 1pm until 4pm starting July 4th, and is run by the Youth Interns of Synergy.

The activities of Langdon Drop In are hand-chosen by the Interns and are based on the interests of the youth. Ranging from physical activities to crafts to mental stimulation, Langdon Drop In works to engage all of the youth in the community in every way possible.

Some examples of games and crafts include making stress balls, capture the flag, drip drip drop, board games, and many more.  "When running around, we play games that also work out our brains, develop friendships and consume all of our energy for a good night’s sleep,” explains Amanda Lin, one of Synergy’s Youth Interns. “When sitting down, we hear each other’s stories while connecting and being ourselves.”

“Our goal with Langdon Summer Drop In is to provide a safe space for kids and teens to come during the summer when they are out of school,” says Christy Redl, Synergy’s Wellness Support Worker. “The greatest resource we can provide them is healthy connections and healthy relationships with mentors to help foster overall healthy development. That is where our interns come in. They plan fun games, crafts, and activities for the kids all summer but their role goes far beyond that. Synergy Youth Interns are available as mentors for the participants.  They are role models who demonstrate patience, acceptance, and perseverance, helping each young person grown their confidence and sense of self. In doing so, our interns also develop as leaders in the community.”

Trained in First Aid and CPR, as well as High Five: A Safe Way to Play, the interns are experienced and are given the tools to handle difficult situations that come their way.

Langdon Drop In will run every weekday until August 25th, with new interns to run the program and even newer activities and games. Keep an eye out for Synergy this summer; you can always spot them at Langdon Park in the green shirts.

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