Township Road 240 Upgrades progressing

    The work to upgrade Township Road 240 is continuing as preparations to pave the road east of Range Road 282 begin.
    “The multi-year project is designed to support the future growth and development of Chestermere, improve access to the City as a whole, help attract commercial and light industrial businesses, and ease traffic congestion on other major transportation routes,” said Chestermere Mayor Patricia Matthews in a press release.
    Work started on July 17 to install the deep utilities of water and sewer, preparing for future growth on the south end of Chestermere.
    The work also includes excavation and base preparation.
    Because of regulatory, weather and time constraints, paving is not scheduled to begin on Township Road 240 until the spring of 2018.
    Paving of one of the last gravel roads in the city is scheduled to be completed July 2018.