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  • Challenging times in Chestermere

    As a long term resident, I feel that we are entering the most important and challenging times in the history of Chestermere, and with this in mind, it becomes critical, that we all work together, in a strong and cohesive group, I believe it will take a tremendous amount of work to set the proper course for our ship.

    With these thoughts in mind, I wanted to touch on the issues that Ms. Bold has encountered recently, regarding the sanctioned issues that have come up recently. Even though I don’t agree with her approach on addressing some of these challenges, I do want to say that I respect her past work in this community, and that this type of energy and engagement is badly needed, especially, at a time, where the challenges are huge and complex. We need elected officials who ask the tough questions, and expect a total commitment from our administration, if an elected official feels that the administration is not coming forth with the answers to tough questions, then we need to put those employees on notice, that this is not acceptable, period.

    I personally believe that perhaps a number of changes may be in order, so that we can be a strong and united front, with any new council, especially one that is 100% new, it’s critical that all parties are on the same page, without this commitment from all employees, the ship will not set sail in the right direction, and this, we can’t afford as a City, especially one that is growing very fast, and experiencing some financial challenges now and in the future.

    We have a new CAO on board now, and I suspect that changes will be coming, hopefully, these changes will help our City reach the goals and heights that Chestermere deserves, moving forward into the future.

    I want to see the Laurie Bold’s of the world succeed, but at the same time, in order to succeed, one needs a plan and methodology to do the job well, I wish Laurie Bold and the rest of our Council all the best moving forward, and reaching those goals and achievements that all citizens wish for.

    Regards, P. D. Graham.