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  • Chestermere Life

    When I came to live here 44 Years ago, in the HAMLET of  CHESTERMERE, a nice rural setting, Eastlakeview Rd was a gravel Rd with no streetlights,sidewalks,water or sewer, and a speed limit of 50 km and we did just fine.

    My child never had any problem going to school.

    Camp Chestermere was long here before I came to live here, and had no problem.

    Some years ago it was looked at having more streetlights, but voted down because it was too costly.

    I for one do not want to pay more taxes. My taxes went from 2011 being $2400.00 to 2018 almost $5000.00.  I am now a senior and do not want to be taxed out of my house that we worked so hard for.

    At one point in time the speed limit was brought back to 40, but did not work, so it was put back to 50.

    What happened to people having the responsibility for their own well being, and teaching their kids certain rules?

    I am tired of people trying to change everything here, if you do not like it here, there is a solution  “MOVE”, nobody is holding you back.

    I moved here to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, not to be bombarded by city slickers in their big monster houses.

    Sincerely M C (Ria) Smit.