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    Chestermere’s History–on your doorstep!

    Chestermere History—on your doorstep

    Volunteer week is over but there is no end to celebrating the gift of time given–and Chestermere Historical Foundation (CHF) is now benefitting from the generosity of those who helped with our recent casino.  From this beneficence there is now a beautiful 4′ x 8′ mural of Chestermere school kids, c 1913 on the wall at the ReidBuilt Centre for Community Living, also the home of Synergy.  The mural was unveiled at the recent Synergy AGM and is there for all to see. The kids in the photo are nearly life-sized, and it is fun to see the clothing, the big smiles, and realize that fun at the lake was a big thing even then.  Where would you like to seem more murals like this?

    Thanks to Megan Matthies, CHF is on display at City Hall until May 4th with a banner and ‘Walk Down Memory Lane’ slide show of historic photos and events in Chestermere from early days to today.  Stop in, have a seat, pick up one of the new brochures, and enjoy a trip down memory lane.  More great memories and stories to come;  Kay Clarke will speak on “Chestermere Schools –from one room to many.” Tuesday May 15th at Chestermere Library, 7:30pm following the regular meeting at 6:30pm of CHF. And May 19th 7:30pm at Camp Chestermere hear their story as part of CHF’s ongoing programming.  For more information and to subscribe to CHF updates go to www.chestermerehistoricalfoundation.org