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  • Council approves CRCA major operating grant

    Chestermere City Council approved a Major Operating Grant in the amount of $105,000 for the Chestermere Regional Community Association (CRCA) at the Aug. 13 council meeting.

    “That particular facility is the hub of the community,” said Chestermere’s Mayor Marshall Chalmers.

    He said that council came to the decision to support the CRCA in recognition of what it provides to the city after, “great discussion.”

    “Recognizing…that 93 to 95 per cent of the usage of that particular facility is Chestermere residents we felt it was absolutely important to provide the funding for the upkeep,” said Chalmers.

    CRCA General Manager Jody Nouwen said that she is really pleased to have the grant approved by council.

    “The Chestermere city council and administration recognizes the difficulties we have operating such a large facility on a tight budget,” she said.

    “Their contributions over the past few years has significantly improved our operations and services.”

    In its application for the grant, the CRCA requested $60,000 to be used for a one-year cleaning contract and for $45,000 to be used to assist with the cost of utilities for the facility.

    “The CRCA will be hiring full time cleaning staff to help with the general cleanliness of the facility,” said Nouwen, “we are looking forward to a cleaner, healthier environment for all our patrons.”

    With the approval of the grants, Nouwen said that she and her staff are looking forward to the upcoming ice sports season and welcoming back all of the community’s athletes, spectators and volunteers to the recreation centre.

    The Grant request was originally brought to council on May 22 but was tabled by council who wanted to have a discussion with Rocky View County about potential cost sharing options between the two municipalities in support of the CRCA.

    While council has chosen to provide the grant to the CRCA, Chalmers said they are still exploring options with the county.

    “We are currently working with Rocky View in developing a frame work in addition to…the ability to advance discussions around that whole facility,” he said.