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    Council passes first reading of Cannabis bylaw

    Chestermere City Council passed the first reading of the Cannabis Land Use Bylaw Amendments to the city’s Land Use Bylaw at the Aug. 13 meeting.

    “There was great discussion both from council, community member and administration,” said Chestermere’s Mayor Marshall Chalmers.

    “Certainly, lots of discussion around locations, timing, that type of thing,” he said.

    With the passage of the first reading, the proposed amendment will now move to the public engagement phase.

    “We really look forward to the public engagement to ensure that everyone has had the opportunity to voice their opinion regarding this bylaw,” said Chalmers.

    The city will hold both a public open house and a legislatively mandated public hearing to get feedback from Chestermere residents on the proposed amendments to regulate the use of cannabis within the city after it becomes legal in Canada on Oct. 17.

    “We really look forward to the public input on this to help guide us in finalizing the bylaw,” said Chalmers.

    The amendments as proposed are a combination of new regulations and modifications of existing land use regulations.

    “This is new to everybody right across the country and we’re trying to get this right for our community as best we can first time out,” said Chalmers.

    He said that this is why getting as much input from the community during this approval process as possible.

    “We’ll absolutely try to get it right the first time,” said Chalmers, “If we don’t we always have that ability to make adjustments in the future.”

    For more information go to www.chestermere.ca.