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    Dish up your opinion on the city budget this summer

    This summer, your City is inviting you to pull up a seat to the table to let them know how you would slice up the municipal budget pie for the next four years.

    “We’re inviting everyone to share their opinion about the City budget,” says Mayor Marshall Chalmers. “We know there are a lot of different ideas about how much of the pie each department should get, and this is your opportunity to have your say.”

    By visiting the City’s website www.chestermere.ca/budget you can participate in two ways:

    •Use the interactive budget simulator to tell the City how you would change the budget for each City department including Emergency Services, Roads, Community Services, City Hall, and more!

    •Have an idea for a project around our community? Use the interactive mapping tool to point it out on a map or comment on others’ ideas!

    At the end of the summer, all the information will be compiled and provided to City Council as they begin the official budget setting process.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to tell your local government what you’d like to see in the budget and how you’d slice it up!

    Learn more at www.chestermere.ca/budget.