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    FCP Announce Founding Convention

    Alberta’s newest conservative party has announced the date for their founding convention and leadership vote.

    The Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) will hold the convention on Oct. 20 in Chestermere.

    “We are excited to have grown in a very short period of time to the point where we can now hold our founding convention to really take our party to the next level,” said FCP Interim-President Bob Lefurgey.

    Party members will have the chance to vote on the new party’s policies, constitution, elect the Board of Governors and select the party’s first leader.

    “Conservative Albertans deserve a party that lets them – not the leader – dictate or veto the party’s policies,” said FCP Interim-Leader Derek Fildebrandt.

    “In the FCP, the members hold the pen on policy and have a real grassroots guarantee that they will not be ignored,” he said.

    Anyone wanting to participate in the founding convention must be a member of the party.

    While the convention date has been set, the leadership race rules have not been released yet.

    In an Aug. 21 press release the party said that the, “Rules for the FCP’s leadership race will soon be announced by the Leadership Election Committee.”

    The process for party members to submit policy and constitutional resolutions will also be announced by the Policy & Governance Committee.

    For more information on the FCP or to register go to www.freedomconservativeparty.ca/convention.