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    Giving people a chance to see clearly

    eye glasses photo

    The Chestermere Lions Club is working towards getting children and adults in developing countries the glasses they need. To celebrate World Sight Day Chestermere residents can recycle their old eye glasses that are gathering dust in the drawer on Oct. 11. Photo submitted

    Recycling eye glasses that are not of use anymore, instead of keeping them in the junk drawer, can help citizens in developing countries.

    Chestermere residents can celebrate World Sight Day on Oct. 11 by donated their used eye glasses to the Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre (CLERC).

    “The program provides recycled eyewear free of charge to people in developing countries filling a need where glasses are not easily accessible or affordable,” said Lions Club member Marilyn King.

    She added, “Without this help sight-impaired children have dropped out of school and adults have been unable to work.”

    The Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre accepts any used glasses from children and adults, including bi-focal, trifocal, and sunglasses.

    “I want everyone to donate their used glasses. I would love to hear from schools, businesses and organizations who would like to take a collection box,” King said.

    “I think everyone benefits individually knowing that they have done something to help another human being, and it’s something that is so easy to do,” she said.

    King added, “The purpose was to create and foster an understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation.”

    By donating a pair of old eye glasses that are gathering dust, Chestermere residents will be helping someone from around the world who is in need, such as Sokhanya a Cambodian student who was struggling to see clearly while at school.

    A free eye care program went to her school and she received an eye exam and the glasses she needed.

    “With a brighter future ahead, she is now determined to study and become a nurse,” King added, “A child should never be limited by poor vision.”

    The Lions Club has been involved with sight projects since 1925 when Helen Keller attended a Lions Club International Convention and challenged the Lions to become “Knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness,” King said.

    Eye glasses that are donated will go help sight-impaired people in Haiti, Africa, Mexico, Cambodia and more, King added.

    “I am very grateful to everyone who is already supporting this project,” she said.

    For anyone who wants to get involved and donate a pair of eye glasses please email Marilyn King at sjkmjk@telus.net to receive a collection box and information packages.

    For more information about World Sight Day please visit the CLERC Website at www.clerc.ca.