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  • Langdon Theatre set to perform April 13 at Leacock Theatre

    On April 13 the Langdon Theatre Association is celebrating its sixteenth year of productions at the Mount Royal Leacock theatre with four plays starting at 7:00.
    Each year the show gets about 150 people to show up for the performances, but the theatre can hold up to 308 people.
    This week will be busy for the people involved with the performances said Tara Nichols, one of the theatre parents and board person.
    She doesn’t know too much about the performances due to her taking a step back this year compared to previous years, but she said she could say that things are looking good for the shows from all groups.
    Her daughter Brianna Nichols, one of the performers in one of the plays, said that the play is she is in is a series of short vignettes and monologues.
    “It’s about identity, friendships, relationships, family, rumours drama, family problems, and all the other stuff people can go through in middle school,” said Brianna Nichols.
    She said that a lot of the plays that Langdon Theatre does end up dealing with some real world problems and people going through it making it more real for the audience.
    “One of the plays I did called Hoodie was like this and dealt with kids in middle school going through similar problems in their lives, or the play Among Friends and Clutter that was put on a few years ago,” Brianna said.
    The plays are family friendly and perfect for children and people of all ages even if you’re not family or friends to the performers, it always ends up being a good performance said Tara Nichols.
    The tickets will be $10 and $5 for kids under 12.
    The Langdon theatre association has two performances every season including a Christmas showcase and an end of the year performance.
    “The Christmas showcase is just a little snippet of what your kids have learned in the first few months of the year, and then you get to compare that to the end show, and hopefully your kids have improved,” said Tara Nichols.
    She said the mandate of the Langdon Theatre Association is “Life skills through theatre”, so they want to teach the kids coping skills and how to be comfortable with themselves, learn to express themselves in a safe environment.
    The theatre program has seen a bit of a shift this year with new faces on the board, new kids showing up in the program, new teachers.
    The artistic director had to step down this year due to a busy life meaning they had to hire a new one to fill the shoes.
    “It’s been a little bit of a challenge you know, change is hard, but we’ve survived,” said Tara Nichols.