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    Neighbours step up to help out

    Neighbours step up lemonade stand photo

    The Halat family organized and ran a lemonade stand for the Avery family on Aug., in the Chestermere Rec Centre parking lot. The Halats goal was to raise $50 while selling $2 lemonades and sodas, but they surpassed theyÕre goal and raised $1000 for the AveryÕs. Photo by Emily Rogers

    The thoughts of kind neighbours in a community is thriving in Chestermere after a local family hosted a lemonade stand to help another family after a devastating accident occurred.

    On Aug. 6 from 10 a.m., to 2 p.m., locals and beach goers first stop of the day was at the lemonade stand set up in the Rec Centre parking lot.

    “We’re fundraising for the Avery’s, they’re really close friends,” Noa Halat who was working in the lemonade stand with his two siblings Farrah Halat and Daliyah Halat said.

    “It’s nice to help out people and do as much as you can to support them,” Noa added.

    The Halat’s surpassed they’re goal of raising $50 during the lemonade stand fundraiser by raising $1000 for the Avery family.

    All of the proceeds made from the $2 lemonades and sodas went to the Avery family, who have recently been forced to make major changes in their everyday lives.

    Reg Avery was stung by a wasp on June 26, after the sting, he had an anaphylactic reaction.

    As a result, he has suffered brain trauma from lack of oxygen, said Alex Halat, a close family friend who knows the Avery’s through the Chestemere hockey community.

    “Since [Reg’s] recovery is unknown, and there is no other income, we want to ensure Theresa and the boys don’t have to worry about finances while going through this emotional journey,” said Halat.

    “As a father it hits near and dear, everything we do is for our kids, and Reg is such a great guy.

    “To not have the ability to go to work and support your family, it hurts,” said Halat.

    “For us as a hockey community, we band together and help each other out,” he said.

    “At the end of the day we’re all here for one cause and that’s our kids. For me, this is where my kids grow up, I want the community to be loving and caring and not only that, but there’s more kids coming to help and give back.

    “Our world is so consumed with work and everyone just looking after themselves we tend to forget other folks out there need help to,” Halat said.

    “The fundraiser went great. We have such amazing people in our community that came out to support such a great cause and family. That’s what makes Chestermere such an enjoyable place to live,” Halat added.

    The Avery family is overwhelmed with the support their family was received during the last five weeks.

    Reg Avery was at the lemonade stand as he had a weekend pass to go to Chestermere and spend time with his family during the August long weekend.

    “It’s awesome. It’s phenomenal that the kids are doing this,” Avery said.

    “The community has been fantastic to us, ever since the beginning we’ve had such a pouring out,” Theresa Avery said.

    “For the kids to do this is just another example of how fantastic Chestermere has been to our family,” Theresa added, “We hope in the future we can pay it forward to this community.”

    Reg is now at the Foothills Reginal Hospital in the Neuro Unit, and has begun rehabilitation, Theresa said, “He is getting better each day, it’s just a matter of time.”

    To further help the Avery family please visit https://www.gofundme.com/the-avery-family.