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    New little free library opens in Chestermere

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    Syed Najam of the not-for-profit organization Love with Humanity is proud of be the driving cause behind ChestermereÕs first Multi-cultural Free Public Library. Photo by Emily Rogers

    Chestermere’s first Multi-cultural Free Public Library is up and running for all members of the community to utilize.

    “It’s a simple idea, take a book, read a book, return a book. People can take them whenever, it’s free for everybody,” said team member of the not-for-profit organization Love with Humanity, Syed Najam.

    “We decided to launch a multi-cultural library because Canada is the best multi-cultural country,” Najam said.

    Before launching the first Multi-cultural Free Public Library is was important for Najam and his team members to consider who would potentially be using the library.

    The location that was chosen is near a school, a park, and a bike path, the library is easily accessible for residents, Najam added, chairs and a table are set up beside the library so that people can sit, relax, and read.

    Chestermere resident Khaleel Bhatti added that finding the perfect location for the First Multi-cultural Free Public Library was strategic, and their team had about five locations in Chestermere in mind.

    “I thought I should donate my own place to the rest of the community, this is my contribution. I don’t want to live a private life, I want people to know that I’m their neighbour,” he added, “The community is like my family now, this is just the start.”

    “I think our community has been neglected. This aliment is being ignored, not just by the city but event with neighbours,” Bhatti said.

    “This is the whole idea, to bring people to together to discuss their views and thoughts and have a feeling of a real neighbourhood.”

    Bhatti said he was initially looking for ways to bring his community together and become closer knit, however, he did not expect the out poor of support the project has received.

    As of right now the first Multi-cultural Free Public Library has three boxes filled with a variety of books, and the Love with Humanity team plans to add an additional three boxes to the library, Bhatti added, “I’m so flooded with books right now.”

    Chestermere resident and author of “Hanging onto my dream,” Arnold Henry said it was important for him to come and support the organization and donate his book.

    “I donated my book, so people can have a different perspective of different cultures.

    “We have people from all over the world in this community. They can come here and read a book that they can relate too,” Henry said.

    “I’m so surprised that so many people came out, I’m honoured and so excited and we should have more ideas like this,” Bhatti said.

    “Unless there is a mishap we don’t get together. We are meeting each other now, we used to be very shy but now we’re inclusive, now we’re like family,” Bhatti added, “Today is a different day I’m very thankful, it’s like a small block party.”

    For additional information on the Multi-cultural Free Public Library visit Syed Najam Hassan on Twitter @lovewhumanity.