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    RCMP Briefs – Police targeting habitual offenders in the city

    Chestermere’s RCMP have increased their monitoring of habitual offenders in Chestermere in an effort to reduce thefts and other property crimes in the city.

    “We’re monitoring that 10 per cent of the population that’s committing 90 per cent of the problems for our community,” said Wielgosz.

    “We are actively monitoring them and we’re ensuring they’re remaining law abiding citizens,” he said.

    He said that police are more, “aggressively,” targeting habitual offenders through the detachment’s habitual offender management program, “to ensure that we’re maximizing public safety.”

    “We have two that are in the program right now but that doesn’t mean that we discount others that we’re interested in the community,” said Wielgosz.

    While those who are identified for the program are closely watched, Wielgosz said that police are monitoring other persons of interest as well.

    “Of those two [habitual offenders] that we’re actively monitoring I can say both are incarcerated at this point in time,” said Wielgosz.

    He believes that it is important for Chestermere residents to know that the police are aware of who is in our community.

    “And again, if these persons aren’t compliant with their…court ordered conditions that we’re actively there to investigate those matters and ensure that there is a high degree of compliance,” said Wielgosz.