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    RCMP Briefs – Program promotes boat safety in the community

    A new program introduced by Chestermere’s RCMP is looking to help improve safety on the water here in the city.

    The Chestermere RCMP Marine Safety Decal Program is being used by the RCMP locally to identify boats on the lake that have passed a safety inspection conducted by the police.

    throughout the boating season, police conduct patrols and inspections of boats using the lake to ensure compliance with the safety equipment that boat is required by law to have equipped.

    A boat that passes inspection is given the decal.

    Chestermere RCMP Detachment Commander Staff Sgt. Mark Wielgosz said that by displaying the decal, boaters can ensure faster inspections if stopped in the future.

    Boats displaying the decal will only be checked to ensure that there are sufficient life jackets for everyone on board, check for a pleasure craft operator license, and to ensure no unlawful activity is occurring.

    Although the boating season approaching the end, Wielgosz said that in addition to checking boats on the lake and at the boat launch, RCMP, if available, will also inspect boats at the detachment.

    “If somebody has their boat on a trailer and they want to stop by the office I’m happy to do an inspection to make sure it meets compliance and we can even issue a decal in the parking lot of the detachment,” said Wielgosz.

    For more information on the decal program or water safety in general, Wielgosz encourages residents to check out the RCMP’s updated webpage on the City of Chestermere’s website at www.chestermere.ca/202/RCMP.

    “I would encourage all members of the public to check it out,” he said, “and if they have any questions they can always call our office.”