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  • RCMP to focus on vehicle equipment violations this spring

    Chestermere RCMP will be holding two inspection session to help Chestermerians ensure their vehicles meet provincial regulations.
    “Take care of your vehicle and it’ll take care of you,” said RCMP Const. Victor Quast who is one of the members coordinating the inspections.
    RCMP members will be at Chestermere High School on May 15 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and at St. Gabriel’s High School from 3:45 to 5 p.m.
    While the emphasis will be on new drivers at the high schools, all residents who would like an RCMP member to inspect their vehicle are invited to come out to one of the two sessions.
    “This is your opportunity, if you have any questions…if you have any concerns, come by,” said Quast.
    Quast said that it is important for vehicles to meet the Alberta Vehicle Equipment Regulations for a number of reasons.
    Being in compliance with the regulations increases public safety through the reduction of collisions and reducing the severity of injuries and damage in a collision.
    Quast said their goal is not to ticket people for violations on their vehicles at the inspection events but to educate people on what needs to be done to bring their vehicle into compliance with the regulations.
    The biggest and sometimes most controversial violation that police officers encounter is window tint.
    “Everybody knows, if you have tint in your vehicle and you haven’t gotten a ticket in Chestermere, you know somebody that has,” said Quast.
    It is illegal to have any tint on the front windows or windshield.
    Other common problems include improper after-market light kits, covers that obscure license plates, use of off-road equipment on roads, failure to maintain safety equipment and after-market modifications that don’t align with the provincial regulations.
    Police won’t be ticketing drivers at this event but providing a check list to drivers showing what if anything on the vehicle doesn’t meet regulations.
    It will be up to residents to bring their vehicles up to compliance based on the inspections.
    “Lets make them road worthy,” said Quast.
    The two inspections are being held as part of the RCMP’s planned focus on education the public about vehicle equipment regulations in the months of May and June.
    Quast said that they are also looking to hold a third inspection event in July however that hasn’t yet been scheduled.
    Anyone with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact Chestermere RCMP at (403)204-8777.