Seniors encouraged to get active with Langdon Walk/Run

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The tagline of ‘move, for the health of it’ says everything you need to know about the Langdon Walk/Run.

Volunteer Joanne Durant, who calls herself the ‘gopher,’ has seen firsthand what being active can do to help people when they get into their senior years.

A few times a week, the Langdon OK Club (Older Kids Club) get together for physical activities and encourage their members and friends to be active, hoping to stimulate mind and body to feel better in all aspects of life.

Durant has witnessed major change because of it, and hopes the second annual Run/Walk will help build that awareness.

“There’s been weight loss where weight loss is due,” Durant said. “Or there’s been muscle strength for those who need it.

“I know of one person who could hardly walk because of arthritis but she has good balance now and a much stronger stride. We’ve had different people, not really seniors but they fit in with us, who are recovering from accidents. It’s part of their physical therapy to be keeping active.

“Personally, I feel a lot better for it. Our instructor gives us brain exercises all the time. Some days we can do them really slick and other times it gets us all confused.”

The first Run/Walk was a moderate success last year, but the organizers are hoping for more involvement this year. A year ago, the race took place on Father’s Day, which may have hurt participation.

They are going a week earlier this year, with the day planned for Sunday, June 10. There are one kilometre, 5-km and 10-km distances for all age groups, but that’s not the only thing planned this year.

“We’re having a BBQ at lunchtime and we didn’t have anything like that last year,” Durant said. “Those who are participating in the race get a free lunch.

“There’s opportunity in the field house for some of the less athletic people to partake in games and that type of thing. That’s direct feedback from the Chestermere people trying organize their seniors week.

“They wanted to come over and have a session in our field house when the race was on. We have an indoor golf thing we will set up. There are different card games, crib and bridge and whatever they want to play. They can play board games and things like that. We will leave it up to the wishes of the crowd.”

The race will wrap up the Seniors Week that is taking place in Chestermere, and Durant hopes people from the area will come to Langdon for the Sunday event.

To guarantee yourself a race kit, you must register by May 28, but late-deciders can wait till the last minute if they so choose.

“This is how we’re celebrating seniors in Langdon,” Durant said. “We don’t do a week. We’re just doing a day.

“We’re taking registration until June 9 but you are guaranteed to get a T-shirt if you register early. If we run out, then you are out of luck.”


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