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  • Synergy Executive Director steps down

    Non-profit making changes to staffing to meet funding shortfall

    Synergy’s founder and Executive Director Patricia Sproule has resigned in order to help the organization respond to current funding restrictions.
    “Patty Sproule is the founder and has been the driving force behind the development of Synergy Youth and Community Development Society as we know it today,” wrote the Synergy Board of Directors in a Feb. 13 press release.
    Despite the growth in programing in the community, Synergy’s main financial partner decreased their financial commitment for both 2017 and 2018.
    With this reduction, Synergy, like many not for profits, is struggling to maintain a budget sufficient for current programing needs.
    “In the Synergy Board’s view, the work of social serving organizations should be at least ashighly valued as any other public service and therefore, adequately funded in order that it is able to sustain – unfortunately, this has not been our experience to date,” wrote the board.
    With the financial restrictions in mind, Sproule recommended that the position of Executive Director be removed from Synergy’s organizational chart and that she resign to accommodate that.
    “The Synergy Board of Directors regretfully accepted her recommendation,” said the board.
    The change will remove some of the pressure on the Synergy budget and allow the core programming of the not for profit to continue being the community and youth development resource that it has become.
    To make the transition as streamlined as possible Sproule has developed a leadership and administrative sustainability plan for the next two years.
    Synergy will continue to provide day to day operations at the same level despite the changes.
    Sproule will continue to work to support the mission of Synergy in a limited role as a contracted advisor for the Board, staff and volunteers.
    “She has extensive experience in the areas of Not for Profit organizational process, community consultation and engagement,” said Synergy’s board.
    In addition to her work with Synergy, Sproule was acclaimed as the Rocky View Schools Ward 2 Trustee in the 2017 election.