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  • Unattended idling cars a target for thieves

    With the official start of winter on Dec. 21, Chestermere RCMP are reminding people not to leave their vehicles unsecured and running when the inevitable colder temperatures arrive.

    “If they find it necessary to warm up their vehicle, that the vehicles, if possible, be started with a command start not running with the keys inside,” said Cpl. Courtney Currie.

    Theft of and from vehicles has been a persistent problem in Chestermere and Currie believes that, “it’ll probably be a problem again this winter.”

    “We’re so close to the city and with people leaving the vehicles running with the keys inside it makes them easy targets to thieves,” she said.

    Along with never leaving a vehicle running while unattended, Currie recommends that residents ensure that all valuables are removed from cars.

    “Make it as least desirable to people as possible,” she said.

    In particular, garage door openers should be removed or hidden from view.

    “If they break into vehicles and you have your garage door opener it makes it easy access to get into your house,” said Currie.

    Along those same lines, residents should keep the man door accessing attached garages locked to prevent entry into the home.

    As Chestermerians are travelling about the community this holiday season, Currie encourages them to look out for each other and report any suspicious activity.

    “If you see something suspicious don’t hesitate to give us a call, whenever any time of day,” she said.