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    Why Learning to Sail is a Great Investment…


    There are 2 types of people in this world – those who sail, and those who wish they did.
    Sailing is a lifetime sport; a unique recreation that one can enjoy for many years. It’s a complete education sport with both physical and mental demands. Sailing has no age barriers; you can sail all of your life, at all levels. You can choose – fast or slow, cruising or racing, solo or with friends. The benefits learning to sail are as vast as the ocean.
    Teaching a child to sail is to give them a gift for life. They acquire skills that will continually help them as they navigate their way in the world. First and foremost, they gain self-confidence. As a kid, there is simply nothing like being able to pilot your own craft. Riding a bike is one thing, but skillfully steering and docking a sailboat is quite another. Spatial awareness is developed which brings them prowess in all activities that require co-ordination – like driving. Out of necessity, a sense of direction and weather knowledge are instilled and good organization becomes a habit.
    The benefits of teaching a child to sail don’t end there. The weather does not always co-operate and being in a boat for hours can feel like a day on the slopes. But kids don’t complain – they develop toughness. They become accountable the minute they take the helm of their own boat and develop vision by balancing the finer details inside the boat with the larger picture of the lake or ocean. Sailor kids push through their fear threshold which fosters bravery – many are scared of capsizing or strong wind. At lastly, they learn patience – waiting all day for the wind to fill in requires an amazing amount.
    But learning to sail is not just for kids! As an adult, sailing is one of the best activities you could invest your time in. It broadens your horizons – literally!
    Learning to sail not only opens the door to unique vacations and exciting places but also expands your horizons closer to home. Acquiring a new skill helps your brain to grow and develop, helping sharpen your mind.
    By learning to sail as an adult, you will learn about yourself, the water and the elements that surround you. You’ll find yourself with increased self-confidence that will help you manage situations that arise in your life with ease. You will feel a sense of accomplishment the first time you have dealt with a trying situation using only your smarts, skills and intuition.
    Learning to sail allows you to meet new people – sailing is a lifestyle and a community. It is a giant network of people with a shared passion. You won’t meet many sailors who aren’t self-motivated and have a passion for life.
    If you are ready to take that first step, you can learn to sail in your own backyard! The Yacht Club in Chestermere offers affordable programs for children and adults alike. Further information about our club and our programs can be found at www.cyc.ab.ca
    New members are always welcome.