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  • Annual Duck Race raises over $3,000

    All of the proceeds raised from the annual Duck Race will be used to for programs for youth in the community

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    On Aug. 18, Chestermere residents participated in an obstacle course at Camp Chestermere while wearing duck floaties in support of Synergy. All of the proceeds raised from the annual Duck Race will be used in support of youth community programs. Photo submitted by Ayden Hansen
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    Synergies annual Duck Race raised over $3,000 in support of youth programs in the community. Instead of watching rubber ducks float down the Chestermere Canal, participants raced in an obstacle course wearing inflatable ducks. Photo submitted by Ayden Hansen

    Synergies’ annual Duck Race raised $3,760 which will be used to support programs for youth in the Chestermere community.

    This year, instead of participants watching their rubber duck float down the canal, participants raced in an obstacle course while wearing rubber duck floaties at Camp Chestermere.

    “This year’s Duck Race went really well,” said Synergy Program Coordinator Hannah Fiegen.
    “It was really fun, there was tremendous community engagement.”

    She added, “It was a really exciting event. It was more of an interactive event than the canal event was.”

    Synergy has organized and hosted the annual Duck Race at the canal for years, and it was time to try something new.

    After the obstacle course, racers enjoyed a barbeque which tied the community event together.

    Throughout the event, Fiegen got feedback from racers, members of the community, and staff regarding how fun the day was.

    “We’re excited to expand it and build on this year,” Fiegen said.

    Along with raising funds to support upcoming programs, getting the community involved was essential for Synergy.

    “We were hoping to get the community more involved. The race was an event that everyone could participate in,” Fiegen said.

    “Moving from the canal race to the obstacle course, proved to be a really good event to engage the community,” she added.

    Members of the community were able to come out, meet their neighbours, build friendships, and have a chance to win prizes all while supporting Synergies programs.

    “There were a lot of opportunities for people to hear about our programs and what we do, and get to know our programs,” Fiegen said.

    “We’re able to do a lot more for our community programs which is awesome,” said Synergy Fundraising Assistant Ayden Hansen.

    Members of the audience were encouraged to make signs to cheer on the racers, while youth sprayed the racers with water guns.

    “It was really awesome to see the audience with signs, cheering, and having so much fun.” Hansen said.

    “My favourite highlight was watching the racers have so much fun in the obstacle course. Especially seeing them go down the slip and slide and doing the mud crawl with their little duck floaties was pretty hilarious,” she added.

    Moving forward, Synergies core programs such as the Youth Encouraging Lasting Leadership (YELL) Youth Council, SHOUT, and Homework Helpers will be beginning in the fall.

    For additional information on Synergies upcoming programs and events please visit the website at https://www.yoursynergy.ca/.