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  • Bow River re-elects Martin Shields as MP

    Martin Shields is honoured to represent the constituents of Bow River

    election Conservative Party – Martin Shields pic 1
    Martin Shields - Conservative Party
    election Conservative Party – Martin Shields pic 1

    Martin Shields – Conservative Party

    Martin Shields was re-elected as MP for the Bow River riding on Oct. 21.

    “It’s humbling in the sense that you’ve been elected again by a lot of people in the riding,” Shields said.

    “You’re humbled to be elected by tremendous people all around the riding from Taber, Chestermere, Brooks, Linden, you name it. You’re humbled by the tremendous support that people came out and voted,” he added.

    Although Shields is no stranger to the anticipation of election night, it is always an interesting experience to watch what happens in every riding.

    “The anticipation is always the interesting part,” Shields said.

    He added, “We had a great group who gathered together to watch the results.”

    While door-knocking, meeting with people, and being at events, Shields heard concerns from a multitude of Bow River riding residents regarding the oil and gas sector and the agriculture sector.

    “There are two industries that are really important to this riding, one is the resource sector oil and gas, and getting pipelines built,” Shields added. “Secondly is trade in the sense of agriculture products.”

    It is important to Shields that the government resolve the issues with China and canola ports.

    “Those issues are front of mind. The oil and gas industry is a huge part of our economy, and there were a lot of people that were very concerned that we’re not getting the pipelines built, and those need to be done,” Shields said.

    Currently, Shields is focusing on picking up the campaign signs, helping the volunteers getting things cleared up, and getting the campaign tied up while continuing to attend events within the riding.

    “It’s busy. There are events to go to, those things continue,” Shields said.

    Although being the Bow River MP is hectic, Shields is honoured to be re-elected.

    “For all the people who came out to vote, the responsibility now is to represent all those people. Whether they voted for me or didn’t come out to vote. I still believe it’s my job to represent all of the constituents, wherever they live in the riding, that is something that is very important to me,” Shields said.

    He added, “You try to represent all the people in the riding the best you can. I look forward again to have the honour to do that.”