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  • Bringing community together through laughter

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    Arnold Henry is celebrating the support he has received from the community by hosting the annual comedy show, Laugh Madness 8, on March 30. Henry’s ultimate goal for the night of comedy is that Chestermere residents have a good time together, share some laughs, and make memories. Photo submitted

    A Chestermere resident is recognizing the community for all of the support he has received by hosting annual comedy show, Laugh Madness 8, on March 30, with headliner Brian Stollery.

    “This show is a celebration of me being appreciative for everyone in Chestermere, because of their support I have been able to accomplish many things,” Laugh Madness 8 Founder Arnold Henry said.

    “I’m expressing my gratitude,” Henry said.

    Along with expressing his appreciation for the community, Henry will also be celebrating receiving his Canadian citizenship with his closet friends, family, and community.

    While writing his Canadian Citizenship test, Henry came across the word unity, which struck him.

    “It really signifies the whole country. We are so diverse, and we are so welcoming of diversity to other groups or cultures, that’s what I feel when I see Chestermere,” Henry said.

    “I see that we are all one big community, we come from all different backgrounds and cultures and that is what makes us such a supportive community,” he added.

    Laugh Madness isn’t a typical comedy club. In order to experience the madness, you have to be part of it, Henry said.

    However, for the first time ever, a roast session will be added to the roster.

    He added, “I’ll be the one getting roasted. It’s like an initiation.”

    Henry’s ultimate goal is for the entire community to come out, enjoy the show, share laughs, and share memories with each other.

    “I think as a community, in order for us to grow, we have to come together, share our values, and share our differences for us all to understand each other, and learn new things about each other,” Henry said.

    For Henry organizing the annual comedy show is about bringing the community to one place and having a good time together.

    He added, the previous shows have all been sold out because of the quality of comedians who perform.

    “I try to bring good quality comedians to the stage while keeping it as local as possible.

    “A lot of people can relate to jokes because our comedians try to keep the jokes local,” Henry said.

    He added, “People appreciate laughter, comedy, and spending good times with their friends.”

    For more information on Laugh Madness 8 please visit the website at www.laugmadness.ca.