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  • Change has arrived

    I wanted to address the current status of our city, as it relates to 2  current issues before us.

    If my memory serves me correctly, the residents were very clear that 2 particular issues were at the top of the list, first issue being over all property taxes, residents were not happy with the high costs, and demanded that the city council, bring these taxes down, or at least, hold the line on any more steep increases! It’s my understanding, from recent news, that most property owners will see a 2% drop in taxes this year. If that information is accurate, this would indicate that the first challenge has been met? I use the question mark, because I have heard of some large increases in accessments, primarily on the water, so if this is true, then, not everyone will benefit, however, for the general majority, I would have to say, mission accomplished!

    The second big issue, was the CUI situation, and the need to find ways to bring down our high utility rates? How we were going to get there has been a real bone of contention, but it appears that a decision has been made, and the result will be a 8% decrease in our utility bills? Result? accomplished!!

    I don’t believe for a second, that everyone will be happy with this, since there appears to be a debate on how this new entity will look, fair enough, all tax payers are entitled to their opinions, and that is your right under our current democracy, however, again, if your utility bills come down, I say, mission accomplished!

    We wanted change, and so as far as I can see, we definitely have change, the two biggest issues addressed, so change has arrived, not to say that all our problems are solved, but at least, numbers 1 & 2 have been tackled and that is that for now.

    I wanted to say to our CAO, Mr. Bernie Morton, who has gone full guns on these two challenges, I personally wanted to say thanks for your efforts, along with the rest of the council, and I guess the people will decide down the road, whether your record deserves re-election? In politics, you just never know, but that will be decided at a later date.

    P. D. Graham.