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  • Chestermere farmer attends the Calgary Stampede for nearly 80 years

    Chestermere farmer attends the Calgary Stampede pic 1x

    Chestermere resident, and retired grain and livestock farmer Richard Tanner hasn’t missed attending the Calgary Stampede for nearly 80 years. Tanner first began going with his father as a child. As a teenager, he would go with his group of friends to watch the live performances, and then he eventually would truck cattle to the stampede for his children who participated in 4-H. Photo submitted by Terri Radke

    Chestermere resident, 88-year-old Richard Tanner, a retired grain and livestock farmer, hasn’t missed attending the Calgary Stampede in nearly 80 years.

    Tanner has lived in the Chestermere area for the majority of his life, and still reminisces about his time spent at the Calgary Stampede with his father, friends, and eventually his own family.

    “My father had taken me to the Stampede at a fairly young age because they had a children’s day and the programs for kids,” Tanner said.

    Tanner didn’t care much for the children’s programs, and only really began to enjoy attending the Calgary Stampede when he got older and could look at the machinery, cars, and trucks.

    “That’s what interested me. As I got older, it got more exciting, and I would go with my group of friends while in my teens,” Tanner said.

    He added, “I used to go to the evening performances and go watch the chuckwagon races.”

    Tanner was always excited to attend the Calgary Stampede year after year because there is nothing that compared to the stampede for the remainder of the year.

    “It’s just the excitement, seeing all of the people, and the competitors,” he said.

    In the last eight decades, Tanner has made many memories at the Calgary Stampede, including winning a cocker spaniel puppy at the age of 12 and taking his family to the stampede to participate in 4-H activities.

    “Dad would truck our cattle to the Calgary Stampede for 4-H,” said Tanner’s daughter Terri Radke who went to her first stampede when she was 10-years-old.

    “We also worked in a concession stand on Scotch Man’s Hill before the fireworks,” Radke said.

    She added, year after year, she looked forward to enjoying the rides, and spending time at the midway with her family.

    One of the best memories Radke has with her father is going out for dinner and spending time with him after selling her steer during 4-H at the Calgary Stampede.

    “I was really upset selling my steer, and my dad tried to cheer up by taking me out to eat. It was a really nice gesture, “she said.