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  • Council deliberations for 2020 financial budget continue

    City administration is proposing a two per cent property tax decrease for the upcoming year

    council deliberations chambers

    council deliberations chambers

    A draft of the 2020 financial plan was presented to Chestermere City Council during a special meeting of council on Nov. 20.

    “At the last meeting, we presented the operating and capital plan budget for councils’ consideration,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Bernie Morton.

    Currently, city administration is presenting a two per cent property tax decrease.

    The items included in the budget, which will lead to the property tax decrease include the CRCA capital and operating grant of $200,000, and community grants of $60,000.

    “The $200,000 that has been budgeted for the CRCA is based on a few things, they have a number of pressing items,” said the Director of Community Operations Kathy Russell.

    The CRCA has life cycle upgrades and capital upgrades to complete, such as concrete repairs, and a furnace replacement in addition to the red rink repairs.

    “$200,000 seems to be a reasonable amount given their situation,” Russell said.

    Items not included in the budget include the Chestermere Public Library contribution of $69,759, the contribution to council’s priority stabilization of the restricted surplus account (RSA) of $60,000, matured debt payments from year’s prior, and matured debt payments from the current year.

    “Right now, our proposal is a two per cent property tax decrease,” said Chief Financial Officer Brenda Hewko.

    If all of the items were put into the budget, the budget would increase from a two per cent decrease to less than a one per cent increase.

    “Currently, we’re at a negative two, and we’re deliberating on those buckets. Depending on what council decides, it will move the mark,” said Mayor Marshall Chalmers.

    Budget deliberations will continue during the Committee of the Whole meeting on Nov. 26.