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    CRCA looks back at a year of facility upgrades

    2018 was a year full of facility upgrades, renovations, and projects for the Chestermere Regional Community Association, (CRCA).

    “It’s been a really good year,” said CRCA General Manager Jody Nouwen.

    Nouwen added, with two multipurpose studios opening earlier this year, a fitness training facility opening in January, and new office spaces, the goal is to have local sport organizations hosted out of the facility.

    However, new spaces and facility upgrades were not the only part of 2018 the CRCA is proud of.

    “Out of school care numbers, summer day camp numbers, and program registrations are the largest they have all been in CRCA history,” said Nouwen.

    “It shows that people are really coming out to the rec centre for all of their recreational needs,” she said.

    “We’ve done a shift in our programming, we’re trying to offer new programs. Word spreads when programs are good,” Nouwen said.

    Nouwen added, the success of the programs is due to the safety of the facility which was ensured by an engineering firm.

    “We are an older building, ensuring the life cycle items are being handled and replaced as needed is always a challenge,” Nouwen said.

    One of the largest challenges Nouwen had to face in 2018 was ensuring the facility’s roof was up to grade, which resulted in a roof repair.

    “Our facility was constantly raining on the inside whenever it would rain on the outside,” Nouwen said.

    She added, with an aging facility she has learnt to take things a day at a time and has begun working with the City of Chestermere on planning a budget.

    “That way you’re not just reacting to issues, but you’re planning for the future,” Nouwen said.

    Currently she is assessing and evaluating the parking lot, which will be improved in the near future.

    Nouwen added, the completion of the facility upgrades wouldn’t have been possible with the leadership from the CRCA Board of Directors, the support from the Government of Alberta, and the City of Chestermere.

    Going forward, Nouwen’s goal for the new year is seeing what future opportunities exists within the facility, improving the parking lot, and working on community programs including Go Girl, and the Family Day Winter Festival.

    Nouwen added, “We’re encouraging people to come out, spend time with families, recreate, and just enjoy the hub that we have in our community.”