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  • Lake City Cannabis welcomes two new Canadian producers

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    Lake City Cannabis is reopening fully stocked by Canadian growers on July 12. Owner of Lake City Cannabis Ryan Roch is excited to partner with like-minded, community-driven producers after months of waiting for finalization from the Alberta, Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis (AGLC) agency. Photo by Jeremy Broadfield

    Chestermere residents will be able to satisfy their cannabis needs and curiosities during the Lake City Cannabis reopening on July 12.

    After long months of waiting for finalization from the Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis (AGLC) agency, owner of Lake City Cannabis, Ryan Roch is excited with the opportunity to partner with Canadian cannabis producers.

    “We are all are excited about what we are bringing to the community, and the brand that we’re bringing is really focused on education,” Roch said.

    On July 12 and July 13, Lake City Cannabis’s two growers Sundial and Edison will be on site providing education, and information on their products for Chestermere residents.

    “They were really interested in our community, they were interested in what we’re doing as a store, and how focused we are in community initiatives,” Roch said.

    Partnering with Sundial and Edison producers was an easy decision for Roch as both growers are focused on community initiatives, and how they can give back and invest in community.

    It is important for Roch to focus on cannabis education and to break information down into simple terms to  ensure his clients are getting the products that they need to match the experiences they are looking for.

    Currently, a wide range of Indica and Sativa types are wildly used in the industry, and all offer something different.

    To ensure his clients are purchasing the right product for their needs, Roch has brought in technology that lets consumers choose precisely what they are looking for based on experience, taste, and flavour pallet.

    “We’ve always been committed to how we can provide the best class of service to our customers, and concurrently give back to our community,” Roch said.

    Although Roch is excited for the opportunity to partner with Canadian growers and expand his business, waiting for AGLC finalization for months was not easy.

    “It was a tough go. We were pushing pretty hard pay bills, it wasn’t ideal by any means, but that was the position we were in,” Roch said.

    “At the end of the day, we were still providing a service to Chestermere residents. We were able to sell products that were not otherwise easily available in town,” he said.

    A difficult situation turned out well, as Roch has seen continued support from Chestermere residents.

    Residents are excited there is another business in Chestermere, and they are excited they don’t have to drive into Calgary or Strathmore, Roch said.

    “The feedback that we’re getting has absolutely been outstanding. It just feels like the community has your back, and everyone wants to see you succeed,” Roch said.

    “In this day and age, it’s sometimes hard not to get swallowed up with the negative things that happen, but when you have people that just stop by to wish you well it warms your heart from another level,” he added.

    Although Roch has received support from some of the community, other residents have voiced their concerns.

    “If you’re getting into this business, you have to expect that not everybody is in support of this. We completely understand that, and we’re not here to change people’s minds about cannabis. We are here to make sure we are providing safe, regulated experiences and make sure no matter what, anything that comes in or out of the door is the best possible experience,” Roch said.

    “We’ve also had some people who have some tough questions, and it was great to talk to them. I can say confidently 100 per cent of the time we were able to talk to those people, show them what we’re doing, and give them some education on just how much regulation the industry has, and how strict things are,” he added.

    Unlike a liquor store no one walking past a cannabis retailor can look inside, absolutely no minors are allowed inside even is accompanied by an adult, and Roch is required to send the provincial and federal government every detail of his business.

    “Retail locations are highly regulated, much safer, and ultimately a better option,” Roch said.