Langdon’s largest fundraiser of the year is ready to kick off

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The 74th annual Langdon Days parade brings families and residents alike out to support the years largest fundraiser. The parade always ends with a water fight between the firefighters and anybody else who wants to join, said Langdon Days Organizer Jeff Kearns. Photo submitted by Langdon Days Organizers

All proceeds raised from Langdon Days are used to provide community services

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The 74th annual Langdon Days is kicking off on July 19 to July 21 with the softball tournament, parade, car show, food trucks, live entertainment, and a craft beer tasting. All of the proceeds raised from Langdon Days is used to maintain the skating rink, maintain the field house, and provide community services. Photo submitted by Langdon Days Organizers

The 74th annual Langdon Days always brings the community together for the year’s most significant fundraiser from July 19 to July 21.

Throughout the multi-day event, residents and visitors are encouraged to play in the softball tournament, watch the parade, attend a car show, enjoy food trucks, and enjoy the live entertainment in the beer gardens during the evenings that includes and a craft beer tasting.

“It’s always been a way for the community to come together, and recently it has become the community’s biggest fundraiser,” said Langdon Days Organizer of four years Jeff Kearns.

“Every year, it tends to be a great time. It fills up the park with families, and it is entertaining  for everybody across all age groups,” Kearns said.

The proceeds raised through sponsorships, and admissions during Langdon Days are used by the Langdon Community Association to maintain the skating rink, the field house, and provide services for the community throughout the year.

On average Langdon Days raises between $10,000 to $20,000 for the Langdon Community Association, Kearns said.

“It is a huge community event, and everybody comes out to watch the parade. Our parade typically ends up being a good natured water fight with the firefighters,” he said.

“It’s one of our favourite activities. I’m always a participant in the water fight, and I lose every year to the firefighters,” Kearns added.

The success of Langdon Days is a direct result of the dedication and teamwork the volunteers and organizers showcase.

“All of the help that goes into organizing an event like this is huge, everybody comes out and enjoys themselves,” Kearns said.

Currently, the Langdon Days organizing committee has a group of around eight people organizing the event. However, approximately 100 volunteers each day of the event are needed.

Although recruiting volunteers is challenging, everyone involved in organizing Langdon Days is willing to help resolve any problems that come up throughout the event.

“With any issues that we do have arise, there is always someone willing to step up and help out,” Kearns said.

Despite the ongoing work to ensure Langdon Days is everything the community wants, seeing the entire community come out and be together makes the preparation worth it for Kearns.

“I love seeing the community come together. The largest part is the fundraiser, but the other thing is community togetherness,” Kearns said.

“There isn’t any other time of the year in Langdon where everybody is engaged together, and everybody is having a good time together. It’s nice to have something that brings the community together,” he said.

Without the support of organizers and volunteers who donate their time year after year, Langdon Days wouldn’t be possible, Kearns added.

For additional information regarding Langdon Days, please visit the website at

Alternatively, to register to volunteer at Langdon Days, please visit the website at

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