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  • Local band to celebrate album release with live performance 

    Local band to celebrate album release with live performance pic 1

    (From left) Blair Stillman, Jonah Morris, and Blaine Stillman are preparing to play their first live show of the year at the Flare n’ Derrick Community Hall in Turner Valley on June 15 at 7 p.m. The Taken by Sanity band members have been rehearsing and performing full shows to ensure the entire performance is unlike what fans expect. Photo submitted

    Homegrown alternative pop band, Taken by Sanity are celebrating their album, City of Contrast, release by performing in Turner Valley on June 15 at 7 p.m.

    The band has been continually rehearsing and figuring out ways to bring the main message of the new album into the June performance.

    “We want to reflect the projects main message, which is the conflict between the sane and insane parts of one’s mind,” said Taken by Sanity’s vocalist Jonah Morris.

    “We’ve worked hard to try to represent that metaphor through our show. I’m excited, and it should be really fun,” he added.

    Taken by Sanity’s album City of Contrast consists of original songs, along with songs that the band has rewritten, reproduced, and rerecorded from a previous demo the group released.

    “We brought the songs more to what we wanted to accomplish. I’m proud of what we have released compared to our previous project,” Morris said.

    Previously, Taken by Sanity’s live performances consisted of a mash up of songs, however, now they have taken into consideration song selection, order, transitions, and costume changes.

    The band used to perform songs one after another, along with covers to fill space. However, with the release of their 11-song album, the group is now able to perform a show that represents their sound, and image said Taken by Sanity’s drummer Blaine Stillman.

    “We want it to be a whole community event, where it’s not just us performing. It’s the crowd’s songs, it’s something they can sing, get familiar with and be a part of,” Stillman said.

    “With our shows, we have a lot of crowd participation, and that makes them part of our music, and our act,” said Taken by Sanity’s self-taught keyboardist Blair Stillman.

    Currently, Taken by Sanity are rehearsing every day to ensure they put on the best show they possibly can.

    Although it can be challenging for the band members,

    feeding off of each other’s energy makes practicing full shows every day easier.

    “It makes it easier when you have people who you genuinely enjoy performing with. There’s something about playing with these boys that no matter how tired I am, they always give me the energy to keep going and put on a great show,” Morris said.

    Although Taken by Sanity is together now for the summer, the band had a long-distance working relationship while Morris lived in British Columbia.

    The Stillman brothers would produce and mix tracks, while Morris would set up pillows around a microphone in his dorm room.

    Despite the challenges that came along with creating an album through long distance, when the project was completed all the band members felt a weight had been lifted off of their shoulders.

    “For me, it’s the anticipation of having people listen to something we’ve worked so hard on. We put our blood sweat and tears for months and months into this album. It’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment,” Blair said.

    However, before City of Contrast was completed, the band members were thinking of new material for future albums.

    “There’s inspiration everywhere. It’s a part of the process,” Morris said.

    “There is a lot of pride for what we’ve accomplished, but also an obsession for what the next thing we’re going to work on is,” Morris said.

    Although Taken by Sanity has roots in performing alternative music, people Morris has met, and teachers he has worked with have expanded his horizons.

    “It’s great to take inspiration from wherever possible, and try to create something unique, taking in elements from artists and genres,” Morris said.

    Without the support from the community, Taken by Sanity wouldn’t be able to perform and do what they love.

    “We wouldn’t be in the position we are without anybody here, to be from this community, and to have the support behind us is amazing,” Blaine said.

    Morris added the band was utterly shocked by the support they received during the CBC Searchlight Competition earlier this year.

    “We were ecstatic with the community support to the finals. It was mind-blowing,” he said.

    To stay up to date with live performances, and announcements, please visit Taken by Sanity’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/takenbysanity/