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  • Local veterinarian is taking her expertise to the national stage

    Local veterinarian is taking her expertise to the national stage pic 2

    Local Veterinarian Dr. Gabby Rotaru has gone back to Costa Rica to help animals in wildlife rescue centres and children in orphanages. When Rotaru visited Costa Rica last year she couldn’t help but feel inspired by how much volunteers do with so little. After returning back to Chestermere she knew she wanted to go back, and help make a difference. Photo submitted

    A local veterinarian has gone to Costa Rica to embark on her personal mission of volunteering at animal rescue centres and orphanages.

    When Dr. Gabby Rotaru first visited the animal rescue centres last year, she couldn’t help but be inspired, and feel a connection to the people who cared from a variety of wildlife including sloths, alligators, cats and dogs.

    “We are so blessed in Canada to have access to the latest technology and the best medication. They are not as lucky, but volunteers move forward, help healing, and love their forests and every living creature they meet,” Rotaru said.

    “I was inspired by the volunteers and wanted to return because I knew I can help make a difference.

    “They do so much with so little and the animals thrive because they are so loved and cared for with such heart,” she added.

    Rotaru had even witnessed volunteers feeding a baby hummingbird every 15 minutes, she added. Many of the rescued animals were able to be released back into the forest after rehabilitation, and the ones that were unable to be released were fostered in homes.

    “The love and respect for nature, wildlife, and perseverance of these people is incredible,” Rotaru said.

    “The ultimate goal is to give back, she’s looking to give back to those animals, and to the people,” said Chestermere Veterinary Clinic Administrator Angela Meyer.

    “This year she wanted to give back more. She saw what they were in need of and realized that small things can make a big difference for them,” Meyer said.

    She added, Rotaru was so impressed by how involved, and enthusiastic volunteers were about their work, and how much they generally cared and put everything they had into helping the animals in need.

    “Giving back and helping has been very near and dear to her heart for a long time,” Meyer said.

    Rotaru has also began volunteering locally with Chestermere Therapy Dogs.

    “She just really loves to give back to the community, and help others in need,” Meyer said.

    Going forward, Rotaru and staff at the Chestermere Veterinary Clinic have brought helping others in the community into their mandate.

    The first way the team is planning to help the community is by hosting free pet education seminars beginning in May.

    Rotaru is currently looking for any donations, including crafting supplies, school back packs, Spanish games or puzzles, personal hygiene products, and reusable water bottles to bring to the orphanages she will be visiting.

    Donations will be accepted until March 23 at the clinic, or donations can be made through
    https://cepiacostarica.org/donate/. For more information please call 403-272-3573.