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  • Partnership with province to relieve the impacts of severe weather

    Southern Alberta communities will be protected from the effects of severe weather through the regional stormwater management project

    Partnership with province stormwater

    Partnership with province stormwater

    The City of Chestermere has partnered with the province to support the Cooperative Stormwater Management Imitative to assist in relieving regional and current flooding.
    The province provided $7.6 million through the Alberta Community Resilience Program (ACRP), which will support Rocky View County, the City of Calgary, the City of Chestermere, Strathmore, Wheatland County, and the Western Irrigation District from the impacts of severe weather.
    “Stormwater management is a big priority for the City of Chestermere, especially as new developments are planned for our community,” said Chestermere Mayor Marshall Chalmers.

    “We appreciate that the province recognizes the importance of stormwater management and building resiliency in Alberta,” he said.

    Recent flooding in Southern Alberta has demonstrated the need to improve the resilience of Alberta communities, said the Minister of Environment and Parks Jason Nixon said.

    “The Cooperative Stormwater Management Initiative takes a regional approach to help ensure homes and businesses are protected during severe weather events while allowing project partners to make better use of water resources throughout the region,” Nixon said.

    The ACRP provides grants for the construction of projects that protect critical infrastructure from flooding, drought, and help to ensure the public safety is protected, said the Province of Alberta Website.

    Critical infrastructure includes water, wastewater, stormwater, and infrastructure used to access services such as roads, transportation corridors, commercial, and residential areas.

    The project is expected to use new and existing infrastructure to reduce localized flooding after inclement weather, and intense rainfall, by collecting, storing and moving stormwater throughout the region effectively.

    Project partners have secured more than $2 million in federal funding for stage one of the project through the New Building Canada Fund-National-Regional Projects, said a Regional Stormwater Management Press Release.

    Although there is no limited to funding allocated per project, only the highest priority projects province-wide are funded.

    The projects are selected based on vulnerability, historical damage, probability of impact, and environmental impact.

    “Exploring best practices, advanced technologies and appreciating the value and reuse potential of every drop of water is urgently needed in our province,” Chalmers said.  

    “In Chestermere, provincial regulation limitations have hindered our ability to maximize opportunities, but we hope that will soon change with the recent change in government,” he added.

    The Cooperative Stormwater Management Initiative is a long-term project that will be developed over five stages between now and 2042.