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  • Perfect ending to the Ice Edge Skating Club season

    Chestermere skaters were able to showcase their skills to the community during the annual Ice Show

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    Young Chestermere skaters showcased what they have learned during the skating season at the annual Ice Edge Skating Club Ice Show on June 8. The skaters dressed as Trolls enveloped the crowd of parents and skating enthusiasts. Photo by Emily Rogers
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    Ice Edge Skating Club athletes were given an opportunity to show off what they have learned throughout the skating season on June 8 at the Chestermere Rec Centre. The annual Ice Show is beneficial for athletes as they can perform without the pressure of competition, said Ice Edge Skating Club Head Coach Heather McFarlane. Photo by Emily Rogers

    Chestermere skaters showcased the talents acquired throughout the season to the community during the annual Ice Edge Skating Club Ice Show: Reach for the stars on June 8.

    Skaters ranging from ages three to 43 trained for over a month to ensure the ice show was the best it could possibly be.

    “It was fantastic. It was absolutely a coach’s dream come true,” said Ice Edge Skating Club Head Coach Heather McFarlane.

    “The skaters were happy and able to demonstrate their energy and the season’s acquired skills through their performances. The coaches were happy,” McFarlane said.

    She added the ice show was a true success because the skaters achieved all of their marks on their performances. The skaters were happy, the coaches were happy, and everyone worked well together to ensure it was a flawless night.

    After the Ice Show McFarlane heard from parents that the show was fantastic, and the skaters were phenomenal.

    “The skaters all left really-really happy, with big smiles on their faces, and roses in their hands,” she said.

    The Ice Show is essential for skaters, because it allows the athletes to perform, and demonstrate the skills they have learned throughout the season without the pressure of competition.

    “It’s truly an enjoyable experience,” McFarlane said.

    As the Ice Edge Skating Club grows, the organization is becoming a true player in the community and is able to host large-scale events.

    “We love community involvement. We see the benefits of embracing the community and the community embracing the club,” McFarlane said.

    Without parent, coach, and community involvement, the Ice Edge Skating Club’s Ice Show wouldn’t have been possible.

    “We were truly grateful for parents and member of the community who volunteered the number of hours that made the show a success,” McFarlane said.

    She added, “Thank you to our coaches, Sonya MacMillan, Emily Wegner, Rachael Matthews, and Special Events Coordinator Sarah Robinson for all of their hard work, and extra hours.”

    Although the Ice Edge Skating Club season is now finished, drop-in classes and full day camps are available throughout the summer.

    For additional information on the Ice Edge Skating Club, or summer day camps, please visit the website at https://www.iceedgeskatingclub.com/.